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The Inspirational Story of Shaheen Mistri-the Heart of Teach For India (TFI)

Shaheen Mistri Motivational Story, Founder & CEO of Teach For India (TFI), Teaching India SelflessnessThis is the motivational story of Indian female entrepreneur, Shaheen Mistri. It'll inspire you.

By Ishika Rastogi

The Inspirational Story of Shaheen Mistri-the Heart of Teach For India (TFI)

We're sharing with you the motivational story of Shaheen Mistri, an Indian woman entrepreneur and the founding father of Teach for India (TFI). We hope you find the achievement tale of Shaheen Mistri beneficial and motivating for your entrepreneurial journey and that it's going to keep you motivated.

Shaheen Mistry Biography: Shaheen Mistri was born on March 16, 1971, in a Parsi circle of relatives in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and raised at an international level. She is a social entrepreneur and educator from India. Her father was a senior banker at Citigroup. Shaheen graduated from Jakarta World School and Greenwich Academy.

She completed her college at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. She grew up in five countries around the world, including Lebanon, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Greece, and Indonesia. Shaheen began volunteering when she was 12 years old. She went back to India when she turned 18 and obtained her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology.

She received a diploma in Master's in Training from the College of Manchester. Shaheen enrolled in an undergraduate application at Tufts University. Sheheen’s interest in kids' schooling led her to volunteer as a trainer. In Mumbai, she taught at numerous organizations, including the School for the Blind, Glad Domestic, and the E.A.R. school for the hearing impaired. She is the author of the ebook, Re-drawing India.

She has been an Ashoka Fellow, an Asia Society 21 leader, and a worldwide leader for the next day at the arena financial forum. Adopting a scalable model for India, the Akanksha foundation worked with college students and instructors, organizing an Akanksha basis to provide children from low-profit communities.

Shaheen Mistri walked into the slum regions of Mumbai and expressed her desire to train the much less privileged children. She was determined to live in India and do something positive about it. She commenced teaching underprivileged youngsters in Cuffe Parade after university hours.

In 1989, Shaheen began the primary Akanksha canter (which was formally registered in 1991), employing university pals as volunteers and enrolling 15 much less privileged kids. She founded Akanksha Foundation in 1991 as a college scholar to offer education to youngsters who roamed the streets. Nowadays, Akanksha basis, a non-income employer, serves more than 10,000 youngsters via its after-faculty facilities and school projects in Mumbai and Pune.

 At the Akanksha foundation, teachers and volunteers train underprivileged children using an innovative methodology. Her foundation strives to be the best and largest network of government schools with holistic outcomes, with funding from Citibank, friends, and parents who recognize her passion for the muse.

Over the years, Akanksha has grown from 15 children in a single center to over 5000 children across its 9 after-school and after-faculty centers in Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi. Coaching India Selflessness—teach For IndiaShaheen Mistri, an Indian girl entrepreneur and educator, is an inspiration to us all.

Her inspirational achievement story may also inspire females who want to be social entrepreneurs to solve real-world problems or give you a unique idea. We hope you find the motivational testimonies of Indian female entrepreneurs beneficial and galvanizing for the duration of your entrepreneurial journey and that they will hold you influenced. Shaheen Mistri, certainly, is an instance of women's empowerment.

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