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This is the Story of Piyali's Journey to Self-Sufficiency: How She Started her own Multi-Speciality Lab.

Piyali Banerjee, proprietor of Safal Multi-Speciality Offerings, Jamshedpur.

By Ishika Rastogi

This is the Story of Piyali's Journey to Self-Sufficiency: How She Started her own Multi-Speciality Lab.

In the back of each successful woman is herself. However, riding this journey to success calls for steady effort and robust willpower to keep going even if challenges begin to crop up. 
One such touching tale of the cost of perseverance comes from Piyali Banerjee, the 34-year-old proprietor of Safal Multi-Speciality Offerings in Jamshedpur.

Piyali, a local resident of Kolkata, turned 21 while she was married and shifted to Jamshedpur with her husband. 

Her husband was hired by a private organization, but quickly it became difficult for them to make ends meet. 

Piyali decided at that moment that it was time for her to stand on her own two feet and contribute her fair share to the upkeep of their household. And for that reason, she has by no means regarded him again. 

Deciding on the right course. 

Piyali’s adventure to self-reliance became hardly clean. She wasn't able to pursue several avenues and possibilities because of her qualifications at the beginning.

Piyali had only been in a position to finish her higher secondary education. "I constantly had a hobby of pursuing something in the clinical line," recounts Piyali, "but with my confined training, it has become tough to get an opportunity without trouble."

However, she quickly learned about the vocational education publications offered by the Vikas Samities in Jamshedpur, an NGO project supported by Tata Cars. 

Piyali enrolled herself in a 6-month education course in pathology. With the aid of 2019, she effectively completed her schooling as an Assistant Pathology Lab Technician. 

Piyali was keen to do something truly for herself. Piyali was determined now not to soak up a job, and as a substitute, opted to start her very own pathology lab—"Safal Multi-Speciality Services". 

Commenting on her admirable zeal, Mr. Vinod Kulkarni, CSR Head, Tata cars, said, "Tata vehicles have usually tried to guide numerous sections of the society via its social efforts." 

Through our association with the Vikas Samities in Jamshedpur, we've tried to open up a range of different avenues for women and men like Piyali, so as to pursue vocational publications of their interest irrespective of their instructional qualifications. 

Piyali’s determination to lead, rather than observe, is a testament to the spirit of self-reliance we continually seek to imbibe in folks that pursue these publications. 

Working from start to finish 

Having remembered her initial struggles, Piyali says, "We had to sell my jewellery and a few different valuables to gather sufficient coins to start our lab." Piyali saved enough money for her lab to purchase a semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer. Piyali built her enterprise from the ground up.

Because the lab slowly grew, she additionally employed some exclusive human beings to help her. 
A new automated analyzer has been offered, Piyali says. 
"Our plan is to buy it in installments when we determine the way to do it."

An agency that, to begin with, yielded somewhere around Rs. 7000. Currently, Piyali’s lab offerings yield Rs. 20,000–25,000 in keeping with the month. 

Besides providing for herself and her circle of relatives, in the past five years, Piyali has also given employment to five human beings. 

A formidable future

Piyali harbors ambitious aspirations for her lab: "I have needed to work hard to attain where I am. And well, I am nevertheless suffering, doing my bit. However, I recognize I’ll keep going on until I can take my lab to a respectable location. I want to see it develop, and perhaps assist it to emerge as a brand. " 

"Women need to battle lots," she provides, "handling our houses after which our work." Yet, Piyali’s relentless perseverance and single-minded commitment to follow through have fuelled her adventure to becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

As she braces herself for what the future brings, her resilience and self-reliance preserve her and enable her to encourage many different women in her community.









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