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This story is about how a couple turned into co-founders and built their dream project, "Mubaarak."

Mubaarak & Dhwani Vipani are the co-founders of Mubaarak with the aid of the brand Owl Studio.

By Ishika Rastogi

This story is about how a couple turned into co-founders and built their dream project, "Mubaarak."

Duo Sagar & Dhwani Vipani are the co-founders of Mubaarak by way of the brand Owl Studio. For them, achievement at Mubaarak is indescribable in words; it's an emotion we rejoice in via the grins they see when they deliver their paintings. 

Mubaarak started its journey in 2021. Today they celebrate 50+ customers who chose them to announce their wedding day and make it just the way they imagined! 

While wedding stationery takes the maximum proportion of work, with involvement in the way activities are celebrated these days. This industry has grown manifold and what makes them create their space is the design element. 

For more than one preliminary month, they had been pretty much spreading the phrase through their work in Mumbai, but to their astonishment, inquiries started pouring in for destination weddings from event planners throughout the United States of America. Those tiny steps were definitely overwhelming. 

Even as they celebrate their 1-year anniversary, they take satisfaction in having built consumers in India and America for stationery design for weddings, baby bathing celebrations, gender-monitoring parties, and pet parties. 

This task was created to contribute to their customers' happiness on their wedding ceremony day, and they all agree that making them happy is where their fulfilment lies! 

It's been a pleasurable journey for them and has given them the motive to fulfil their skillsets as co-founders at Mubaarak. 

Being married to each other, they have usually shared their desires and the conceptual processes at the back of looking to achieve them. 

Every experience that they plan together to explore leaves them both stimulated or unfolds their creative ideas. 
In 2021, they took a city excursion to the town palace of Jaipur. 

They were mesmerised by the splendour of the reception hall, famous for the Mubarak Mahal, that mesmerised them, and they couldn't resist bringing the roots of this beauty to Mumbai with them. 
That’s when the concept of Mubaarak struck! It is based on Dhwani Vipani's novel from a year back. Sagar had constantly been the pillar of aid she needed, but his company task had its own responsibilities to be sorted, while then again, he had Mubaarak with all of the capability to make it big! 

He selected the latter, and today he takes the opportunity to call himself the co-founder of Mubaarak and the couple who became co-founders to build their dream assignment – Mubaarak. 

Bonds are beloved and they intricately paint their essence in their desk-bound design offerings, bifurcated into four classes – NYOTA, KHATIRDAARI, BHENT, and LAAD. 

Every category, even though it speaks for itself, is meant to craft the essence of celebrations through feelings and considerate expressions. 

Their goal is to make a global impact and show the world how beautiful the Indian subculture is! 

This is what Sagar has to mention—"though he had by no means permitted failure to be the time period to explain difficult days for him, there have been instances when he was caught doing something that people around him predicted him to do or be in, but steadily, he began giving time to the things that made him happy and gave that meaning to his lifestyle." 

That’s while the purpose of his life shifted slowly, just the way taking over the function of co-founder came about from a 9-to-5 company job. 

From being a whole introvert to gaining self-assurance to combat the battles inside him, it wasn’t a cakewalk, but neither was it impossible, but a bit of introspection made him who he is these days. Face your fears; they’ll construct you! 

As for Sagar, his wife, Dhwani Vipani, and her aspirations and goals have advocated for him to examine the challenging but exciting side of entrepreneurship and how it moulds you as a character every day. 

Being an entrepreneur means having the opportunity to create significant opportunities for people while additionally having the capacity to build first-rate matters. 

Sagar says to younger and aspiring marketers and startups, "find your passion, have a clear vision, trust in yourself and the humans you work with, take the risk, and principal aspect, project yourself, and you are halfway there to attaining your aspirations!"




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