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Top Five Most Influential Women In The Technology World

According to the study, the number of women employed in IT in India has increased over the past 10 years, with more than 30% of entry-level positions holding them, but their numbers are decreasing as they move up ranks.

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Top Five Most Influential Women In The Technology World

There are many factors responsible for this decline - the presence of a top boys' club, mixed priorities, an inability to balance home and work effectively, a lack of networking skills, good mentoring programs, and so on.

This year we have included a number of women in leadership positions in technology - who have reached senior positions in their fields of interest. These women are inspirational and role models and will hopefully spark the interest of other women to work hard and move up the technical ranks.

Here are the most inspirational stories from Women in Technology in 2021.

Shalini Eswaran, Texas Instruments

As Digital Design Manager at Texas Instruments (TI), Shalini Eswaran oversees the Design and Physical Design for Testing (DFT) areas of the Connectivity business unit and serves major industries.

In her current role, Shalini is leading a team of more than 20 engineers who are responsible for the successful implementation and testing of IP and SOC in two districts of Oslo, Israel.

She tells that thinking of your career as a marathon rather than a sprint keeps you down to earth, humble, and makes your life easier. She believes women's potential in STEM and technology is high and that organizations need to give women the support they need at crucial stages in life.

Dhanya Ros Mathew, Fujitsu Consulting

 In 2021, Dhanya Ros Mathew joined Fujitsu Consulting India as Director of Service Delivery for the Oceania Region (Australia and New Zealand).

She leads on customer service delivery, fostering excellence in delivery, business growth and revenue, strong stakeholder management, and operational efficiency with a focus on technology, especially business services. 'Infrastructure, business applications services, multi-cloud services, service integration, and digital transformation.

She is happy that companies are working more and more today and securing home office options, flexible working hours, and empathy managers to attract and retain more women for the workforce.

Megha Yethadka, Uber

Megha Yethadka, Uber Computer Science and Engineering at NIT-Jamshedpur explored the role of different technologies before joining Uber five years ago.

Megha leads the Global Scale Solutions team which spans all lines of business - the mobility arm of the company, Uber Eats, distribution, freight, and high tech divisions like UberAi.

Shylaja Krishnakurup, Verizon Business Group

As a director of Verizon Business Group, Shylaja Krishnakurup leads a team of 1,500 engineers in India to help create cutting-edge technology and business solutions to serve global business, commercial markets, wholesale customers, and the public sector of Verizon.

In 2012 she joined Verizon as a software engineer and within two decades became a director.

At Verizon, Shylaja was part of an exclusive program - the Empowerment Program for the Most Talented Women focused on advancing women while holding leadership positions. This program is a unique combination of mentoring and sponsorship support provided by senior leaders of the organization to emerging leaders for career improvement and development.

“In our growing years, as we continue our education, men and women alike have the same ambitions of pursuing successful professional careers. However, women today still struggle with the lion's share. housework and childcare, and therefore fail to reach the highest levels of leadership and often lose ambition and withdraw, ”she said.

Sindhu Gangadharan, SAP Laboratories

As Managing Director of SAP Labs India, Sindhu Gangadharan oversees the operation of over 10,000 SAPs located in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Hyderabad - India Labs is the second-largest SAP lab outside of Germany.

At the end of 2019, just a few months before the COVID-19 hit India, and after a 19-year stay in Waldorf, Germany, Sindhu returned to Bengaluru to lead the Labs India unit as General Manager.

At SAP's R&D facilities in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Gurugram, she is responsible for product development and innovation. She also leads SAP Consumer Enablement as Senior Vice President with most of her Waldorf team.

In an interview, Sindhu said that there is a gender imbalance mainly due to the misconception that professional women are weak and will not do the rigorous work that leadership demands.

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