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Using Instagram these two women became entrepreneurs!

These two women from Delhi are using Instagram to sell home decor and gifting products from home.

By Mridulata Sen

Using Instagram these two women became entrepreneurs!

If you all are using Instagram just to post pictures and make videos or reels then this article will definitely make you think over it again! This lady is using Instagram for not just posting pictures instead she is using it to sell products.

Let’s read about a Sisters-in-law duo Priyanka Sharma and Anjali Dawar who started “The Doodle Hut” in the year 2019. With an investment of ninety thousand, “The Doodle Hut” stated selling home decor and gifting products which priced between Rs 299 and Rs 3,500. All these started through Instagram.

How it all started:

Priyanka who is twenty nine years old and her sister-in-law Anjali who is thirty four year, loved spending their weekends collecting pieces of art works and then decorating them on the walls. Soon, they came up to an idea of designing their own wall art and sell them.

“This was an opportunity to be creative and entrepreneurial at the same time. The idea was to create customised products that spark the same joy of wall designing in others as well,” says Priyanka.

The Doodle Hut based in Delhi mainly specializes on home décor essentials and gifting solutions like string nameplates, door hangings, personalised engraved boards, and DIY string arts. The products are priced between Rs 299 and 3,500 and once ordered will be delivered within four to seven days across India.

The social media game:

Initially they exhibited their products at well-known festivals and flea markets in Delhi and got great response from customers. At the three-day of the festival all their products got sold out!

However, that is not where the thrive for selling their products ended. Soon, the duo thought of making the most use of internet platforms. There were, Priyanka and Anjali launched their business on Instagram in August 2019.

They believed that say the days of looking for shops and negotiating for rent is not longer required as in recent times social media has given a huge B2C platform to its users. Instagram, along with WhatsApp for Business has given a huge way into the market.

They started with an initial investment of Rs 90,000 and now claims that each post on Instagram gets sold within two hours! Yes you read it right just two hours! The company had gained twice the amount of profit that they invested initially.

They understood the market and knew that just selling arts and crafts won’t help them to be unique in the crowd so they offered customized gifting products that made them stand out differently and people started loving the uniqueness of each item.

Priyanka’s mother too joined the business. Her mom is an expertise in crocheting that helped them to introduce new products like crochet and macrame wall hangings and plant holders.

About Doodle Hut:

Doodle Hut works with an effective team of eight women.

Not only that Doodle Hut even stand for noble cause from the profits earned. Recently, they donated a part of The Doodle Hut’s revenue to an NGO for old people in Delhi and even offered the NGO’s old ladies who are above 50 to join their business as well.

In the years ahead, The Doodle Hut hopes to venture more into corporate gifting and adopt sustainable ways of operating in the long term. 

Priyanka even revealed that the business is registered on her mom’s name. She says, "My mother taught me how to be creative and earn a living, and how those two things can lead to a happy and successful life.”

This story of these two women is definitely a example for ladies who are thinking of stating something from their home.

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