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Worried About Teaching Moral Values To Your Kids? Dr. Anuj Rastogi Creation Jazy Tara Will Help You

No doubt, we all want our kids to behave a certain way but struggle a lot to teach that. So, to make your job a little easier, Dr. Anuj Rastogi created a best friend for your child named Jazy Taara who will act as a support system.

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Worried About Teaching Moral Values To Your Kids? Dr. Anuj Rastogi Creation Jazy Tara Will Help You

Most of the parents are those who complain about the behavior patterns of their children and find it very difficult to inculcate the right values ​​in their children. Every parent uses different tactics to get their child on the right track but usually ends up with frustration and anger. This happens because of a lack of awareness. For example - When children do something in a wrong way, most of the parents ask them to do it a certain way instead of finding out why their child is acting in a way or showing them off. Huh. The real root of the problem lies here because our brain works much faster on video commands or picturization than on audio commands. When children see things and consequences for themselves, they automatically understand things that parents want their children to learn.

Therefore, keeping this in mind Dr. Anuj Rastogi, prominent childcare a specialist who comes with 26 years of experience as a Paediatrician has taken the initiative to address this issue mindfully, which leads to the creation of the Cartoon character Jazy Taara "BACHO KA SUPERHERO". Kids are big fans of superheroes like BEN10 and Spiderman and are even inspired to follow their actions and manners. This is the main reason behind the creation of Jazy Taara as a superhero. Firstly they will not get bored by seeing the superman figure and secondly they will gather and attain the right behavioral pattern.

So, now parents you don't have to worry about raising your child, just wait for the launch of Jazy Taara. The good news is that it is going to go live very soon. Where you will find Jazy Taara in different conditions and situations and see how he solves every problem quickly and easily by learning and teaching moral values.

Dr. Anuj Rastogi believes that storytelling in video format is a wonderful way to teach moral values to children. Listening to stories is one of the favorite activities of every child. Knowing this fact, he decided to create a perfect blend of video storytelling and superheroes. This is how Jazy Taara's idea comes to life and is going to be streamed on the digital portal very soon.

I am sure; you guys are very excited to know about the launch date of Jazy Taara. But don't worry just stay connected with VTV India we will update soon.

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