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From Being A Brave Mother To An Army Captain To Mrs India, Meet The Multitalented Boss Lady

There are many people who wish to turn their carrier as per the changing trends or their passions. The story of this lady is a perfect match for this.

By Mridulata Sen

From Being A Brave Mother To An Army Captain To Mrs India, Meet The Multitalented Boss Lady

This lady proves that a woman can do anything she wishes to manage all her responsibilities. She’s an example to all those who say a woman can’t manage work and home together.

Let’s read the story of Capt. Shalini Singh who had overcome all the hurdles and did the role of a working mom and choose to chase her dreams.

At the age of 19, Shalini got married to Major Avinash Singh Bhadauria. She was still studying at that time. After some time of her marriage, she had a child but still continued to study. On the other side, her husband Avinash resumed his job of protecting the nation.

Later in the year 2001, Shalini’s life got completely devastated when she heard her husband was martyred in a battle between terrorists. Avinash, was just 29 when he sacrificed his life for the country and fought till his last breath. He killed four terrorists in Kashmir before losing his life to gunshots.

He was awarded posthumous Kirti Chakra for his bravery.

 “Everything seemed unreal. Nothing made sense. Nothing had meaning. My life had lost meaning so early in life, all of a sudden. I felt like finishing myself,” said Shalini in one of her interviews.

But, that very moment the thought of her son bought back the hope and faith in her. She determined to be strong for him. As a strong and single parent, she wanted to fight back! Soon, she decided to join the Army just like her husband.

Avinash’s colleagues intimated her about the physical and mental hardships one faces in the army journey but Shalini was fully determined and was ready to do anything for her child. She then applied for an interview at the Service Selection Board (SSB).

The journey towards the extraordinary:

A new chapter started for Shalini with strict coaching of three months after her husband’s death. After that, she was called down to Allahabad for a week-long interview at SSB.  It is always said that if there’s a will there’s away! The same happened to Shalini even though it was tough she cracked the interview.

She then sent her son to his grandparents as no matter how much she wanted to take better care of her son she always wanted him to grow independent as in the long run her job required her to service far away for months after months.

In the year 2002 March, Shalini started her training in Chennai at Officers Training Academy. She completely focused on her training and just before 20 days less from Avinash’s first death anniversary she was commissioned as an officer in the Indian Army on September 7, 2002.

Tough this journey was tough! Working in an environment ruled by male dominants was not an easy task. But people never could let her down. She moved on staying focused on what she wanted and did it.

A turning point in life:

After six serving the Indian Army, Shalini resigned to give her son a settled life and build his career.

On April 14-2017, Fifteen years after that tragic event, she was crowned as Classic Mrs. India 2017 Queen of Substance at New Delhi.

 This journey from a mother to an Army Officer to Mrs.India is extraordinary. When you will that life is becoming difficult remember Shalini’s journey. There’s nothing you will get sitting and crying on things that is complete fate. You need to fight back every single day to be your support. Your willpower will make you the Lady Boss like Shalini.

Do let us know what made you feel the most inspiring thing in her journey. Till then stay tuned for further updates!

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