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Pilot Turned YouTuber (FlyingBeast) - Gaurav Taneja's massive success story

Gaurav Taneja who is now a famous YouTuber and a Pilot had different plans after passing out as an engineer from IIT Kharagpur.

By Yash Singhi

 Pilot Turned YouTuber (FlyingBeast) - Gaurav Taneja's massive success story

Let's begin with his Life History

Gaurav Taneja, born on 9th July always had a great interest in sports and games since his school days. The gym is his favorite place of all. During his mid-20s, Salman Khan was his inspiration for bodybuilding. After his high school, he managed to crack the IIT exam and got himself into IIT Kharagpur which is a dream for many. After graduating, he very well understood his inclination towards the aviation industry and went for the Pilot training. Gradually he became a successful pilot and started his career with Indigo Airlines.

Starting his Youtube channel 'Flying Beast' and 'FitMuscle tube'

Gaurav Taneja was always fascinated with fitness and six-pack abs. He reportedly went through some week transformation and he also decided to make a vlog about his massive body transformation. Slowly and gradually he started being more consistent with the uploading of videos and people began to follow him at a very high rate. Being a full-time pilot, managing family, and editing videos was really a tough job for him. He managed all of it somehow and kept growing.
After some time he decided to start his daily vlogging channel alongside fitness videos and this is how he started with 'Flying Beast'. His wife Ritu Rathee who is also a pilot with a famous airline also featured in his vlogs and the two couples started becoming YouTube sensations. They gave birth to a baby girl who also joined the blogs and made several appearances in the videos. In very less time, both the channels become very popular and now even filmstars know and follow this channel.

Branding and doing promotions for Top Brands

A time came when Gaurav after returning from his flights, would just sit back and edited the already shot videos. There was nothing like a week off for him. His hard work paid him so well that by the year 2018 end top brands started approaching him for endorsement work. Gaurav used to get paid for this and obviously he loved collaborating with the top brands which gave him recognition and fame all over the world. By the year 2019, his 'Flying Beast' channel gained more than 2 million subscribers and Gaurav Taneja was regarded as the most hard-working Youtuber.

Conquering YouTube and Social Media

Gaurav Taneja remained consistent and continued working hard on his channel along with a full-time job as a pilot. By the month of May of this year, he gained massive subscribers of more than 3.5 million subscribers on his channel( Flying Beast) with his rich and honest content on his channel. He has around 1.5 million subscribers on his other channel which focuses on bodybuilding( FitMuscle tube). Reportedly during the lockdown phase, he has started a new channel again where he has decided to do live streaming and make it a gaming channel.
He is still working with his utmost dedication managing his job, being a Youtuber, husband, father to a 2year old girl, and a son. Gaurav Taneja has inspired millions of people around him always motivating them not to quit and lead a healthy and happy life.

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