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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s new Instagram Post on Fun at Workout Leaves the Fans amused

This article focuses on the most prominent couple duo, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas always try to keep their fans engaged with their social media sharing.

By Trishita Basu16

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s new Instagram Post on Fun at Workout Leaves the Fans amused

When we think of entertainment, we can never go wrong with Bollywood. Our very own Bollywood celebs never fail to impress us in their entertainment quotient. Now, is the time when the entire nation is under the guidance of maintaining social distancing with utmost priority, people around, seem to get depressed out of a no outing juncture. Movie theatres are banished and the life meter has taken a 360 degree turn out of the massive outbreak of COVID. But that does not necessarily mean we stop living. In order to combat the pandemic effects on our mental health, it is very important to us that we set our energy meter on a high scale. Celebs are releasing their movies on the virtual platform and are reaching out to help us always geared up to sustain the tough time. We, on the other hand, have raised our screen time not to waste even a little information on celebs and their quarantine days. Priyanka Chopra or popularly known as PeeCee of Bollywood is also a prominent Bollywood face who is always connected to her audience with her every little activity. Social media is such a platform that bridges the gap quite easily and effortlessly. Priyanka Chopra is a celebrity who has already shifted from India to conquer her global venture, yet she keeps herself very much associated with her fans in India as well as on a global platform.

In this Pandemic also, Priyanka Chopra marks her presence through the social media platform every now and then. Be it her regular activity with husband Nick Jonas during the quarantine times in the US, or welcoming new members to her family, Priyanka Chopra Jonas always makes her fans happy with her every social media post. Recently, we saw Priyanka Chopra having fun at her social distancing mode when she is making most of her leisure time; by doing all the fruitful stuff. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers are surely the most talked about couple in celebrity meter.  Chopra has started to learn Piano from her husband to utilize her self-isolation time. The 37-year-old Quantico actor confessed that while it could be difficult for most of the couples to pass the isolation time together, the Jonas couple never fails to make the most of their quality time. In an interview, she conveyed that Nick Jonas, her husband has become her Piano teacher in house. Also, Nick helps her completing her ongoing assignment of writing, which she is hoping to complete by the time the quarantine gets over. Not only this, from the past few weeks only, but this power couple has also decided to learn new skills from each other to pass their time creatively and benefiting from the same. While the underneath passive effects of the pandemic caused a major setback in most of the people’s lives, PeeCee looks it from a brighter side of her eyes and tries to make positive contributions to spend this time wisely. She admits that she started taking a 45 minutes session from her husband to learn the skills of playing the Piano. She also shares her experiences of joining virtual dance classes as being a Punjabi lass, she misses her dancing days a lot.

Recently, the actor left her fans mesmerized, when she took her fans to her Instagram post to introduce them to her new family member, Panda. Actor Priyanka and Nick Jonas adopted a small rescue dog which is a ‘Husky Australian Shepherd Mix’ according to the former. She calls it her new family member. She posted a picture with her husband and all her dogs at home along with this new addition to the family welcoming the small breed. The post goes instantly viral as her gratitude and the cuteness of the little leaves us having a good time.

PeeCee also is a fun person apart from doing all other stuff seriously in her life. Lately, PeeCee takes her fun quotient to her husband. The actor recently shared her picture with her husband Nick Jonas where she is found to have a good time while sitting on Nick’s back in his pushup time. Now, this really makes the exercise time fun. And these artists are seemed to have even more of a fun time together. Priyanka is definitely making the latter’s push-up times better leaving her fans amused by her post. Nick is found continuing his workout routine while his wife is having fun at the session. Both of the couples are seen twinning in black on black sportswear. Posting the same, Priyanka mentioned that pushups are ought to be her favorite workout move. Both are looking as cool as they are in real life and they are definitely having fun not only by the virtue of posting. This celeb couple surely wins our hearts and keeps us amused with their activities. With this post, they even remind us of our own such days of ruining someone’s workout routine and taking pleasure in the same. Hence we wish this fun duo with our heartfelt gratitude. Good luck to their day to day endeavors in making us delightful at the same time. To this post, her fans along with some renowned names commented their views on the same matter while keeping then feeling light.

On this note, I am signing off for today with all my love to my dearest viewers who are making us take pride in writing for them. I wish them all the very best in their future assignments and activities. For more such fresh happenings and content, stay connected to VTV India.

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