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Actress Surbhi Chandna's Fairy-Tale Wedding: A Celebration of Love and Commitment

Actress Surbhi Chandna and her longtime beau Karan Sharma recently tied the knot in a splendid ceremony at Chomu Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan, marking the culmination of their 13-year relationship. Despite Surbhi's initial reservations about marriage, the couple's love and commitment shone through as they exchanged vows amidst their loved ones. Surbhi, resplendent in a sea-green lehenga, and Karan, dashing in a grey Sherwani, radiated joy and happiness throughout the celebrations. Surbhi's candid confession about her feelings towards marriage underscored the depth of their bond, rooted in mutual respect and understanding. Their wedding, a blend of tradition and modernity, symbolized the strength of their relationship and their shared journey towards a future filled with love and togetherness.

By Shreya Rajvanshi Gangal

Actress Surbhi Chandna's Fairy-Tale Wedding: A Celebration of Love and Commitment

Actress Surbhi Chandna, widely recognized for her roles in popular television shows like "Ishqbaaz," has recently made headlines with her marriage to long-time beau Karan Sharma. The couple exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony held at the majestic Chomu Palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan, surrounded by their loved ones. Despite initially expressing reservations about marriage, Surbhi took the plunge, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their 13-year relationship.

The Wedding Celebration:

The wedding festivities were nothing short of magical, with glimpses of the ceremony flooding social media platforms. Surbhi Chandna, radiating joy and elegance, opted for a stunning sea-green lehenga adorned with intricate details and a touch of pink, breaking away from the traditional red. Karan Sharma complemented her perfectly in a stylish grey Sherwani, adding to the charm of their union. As Surbhi walked down the aisle, her happiness was palpable, evident in her melodic rendition of romantic songs that filled the air with love and celebration.

Vows Exchanged:

Among the captured moments shared online, the exchange of varmala and the sacred pheras stand out as poignant symbols of Surbhi and Karan's commitment to each other. Surbhi's eyes sparkled with joy as she embarked on this new journey with her beloved, cherishing each moment of their union. Despite her initial reluctance towards marriage, her love for Karan shone through, reaffirming their bond in the eyes of their families and friends.

Surbhi's Candid Confession:

In a candid interview before the wedding, Surbhi Chandna opened up about her feelings towards marriage. She expressed her gratitude towards her supportive partner, who stood by her side through thick and thin. Surbhi confessed that while marriage wasn't initially on her agenda, she embraced the ceremony for the sake of Karan and his family, showcasing her deep-rooted values of love and commitment.

A Decade of Love:

Surbhi Chandna and Karan Sharma's love story spans over a decade, with their relationship blossoming and evolving over the years. Their enduring bond and unwavering support for each other have stood the test of time, culminating in a joyous celebration of their love and union. The journey from companionship to matrimony reflects the strength of their relationship and their shared vision for the future.


As Surbhi Chandna embarks on this new chapter of her life with Karan Sharma, her wedding serves as a testament to the power of love and commitment. Despite her initial reservations, Surbhi embraced marriage wholeheartedly, guided by her love for Karan and respect for his family. Their wedding celebration at Chomu Palace encapsulated the essence of their journey – a blend of tradition, love, and cherished moments. Surbhi and Karan's union stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, reminding us that true love knows no bounds and that every journey is made beautiful by the love we share.

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