Nurture Cult A Consulting Cum Educational Platform By IIT Kharagpur Students Is changing the educational mindset

Nurture Cult is a student consulting cum educational platform. They adopt various non-conventional yet useful topics that are missing in the Indian educational system and provide students with an in-depth understanding of it.

By Mridulata Sen

Nurture Cult A Consulting Cum Educational Platform By IIT Kharagpur Students Is changing the educational mindset

COVID  19 has bought exceptional changes to our lifestyle, especially to the youngsters both mentally and physically.  That's where Nurture Cult has come for rescue. It's a new non-conventional yet useful way of the educational system which provides students with an in-depth understanding of activities in the real-world and also helps in developing various inter and intrapersonal skills. These activities and programs will help students to build up their personality and mental stability.

As of now, They do 7-day workshops on different topics like "Indian Economics and Stock Market", "Application of Technology in Real World" and "The Art of Socialising". They also take private mentorship sessions for both college and school students where we guide them about CV building, interview preparation, and career counseling. They have plans of covering different aspects of problems faced by students in the future.

Their mission is to help you figure out your life in the 20s but not being like any Doctor. Strange who will tell you what to do what not but will walk you through all the possible outcomes of a future you because winning is not about competing, it is about finding the best version of yourself. And all of this is possible at home as the Nurture cult is there to come close to you digitally and help you while maintaining “social distancing” and create a platform to get your act together. Why cry later when you literally have the entire “teenage” for it.

They work in a simplified way making understanding more communicative and interesting. They have 7-days and 7-satisfactory hours to gain a plethora of experience!!!

So it's the best opportunity ! Go grab it before it's late!!!

Their 3 programs will help you accept the abnormal facts of society and make it normal to you. As for them, It is okay to not know what the syllabus is, or what the teacher or professor has taught in the class as they will be like your elder siblings who will guide you in every step of your life and groom you in every possible way you need us to. Be it education or any other stuff they are here to give you a consultation in every aspect of life. So hop in and have fun because learning should be fun. You will understand that moving forward into the future you will realize where your passion lies.

The future doesn’t have to be so uncertain and unwelcoming. This is not a coaching or preaching, it is a beautiful journey where you will grow as a person. These sessions are their perspective of a complete education where we make you future-ready.

The world might get darker and darker but we need to hold our grounds and be hopeful till the end. Taking inspiration from such fightbacks we aim at being the roots to your cause, the support to your will, and the godfather to your ambitions.

So, they are inviting you to come together and form a cult of our own where we shall grow together and be part of a larger family and brighter future.

Last but not least this entire initiative is taken by 3 IIT Kharagpur students, AmanPriyaraj (4th Year Civil Engineering IIT Kharagpur), ShashwatKumar (4th Year Industrial Engineering IIT Kharagpur), YashGoyal (4th Year Oceans Engineering and Naval Architecture). They started working on NurtureCult in the month of July with an aim to do something for the crippled education system that exists in India where there is a huge gap between the theoretical knowledge and industrial application of it. To bridge this gap on the 14th of August, they hosted their website and started recruiting people from different colleges and now they have a team of 21 talented and enthusiastic members who are handling marketing, publicity, and creative fronts.




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