Last Week Tech News Recap 21-11-2020

A quick recap of last week's tech news.

By kishan B

 Last Week Tech News Recap 21-11-2020

Facebook awards $ 1.98 million to researchers for finding flaws in 2020

Facebook awards

Facebook has awarded researchers from more than 91.98 million countries this year for reporting bugs on its platforms, and the biggest $ 80,000 bug reward for identifying a low-impact issue in its content delivery network (CDN).

In a statement on Thursday, Facebook said the top three countries based on the s ward to be awarded this year are India, Tunisia and the US.

The Facebook report states, "Since 2011, we have received over 1,000,000 reports, of which, more than 0000 have been awarded. This year, we have received a total of 1,000,000 reports, and More than 1,000 reports have been released. "

The Facebook Bug Bounty program helps to quickly detect and fix issues. More than 50,000 researchers have participated in the program in the last 10 years and 1,500 researchers from 107 countries have been awarded.

Security researcher Selmet Harianto has identified a low-impact issue in the global network of servers, Facebook CDN, which delivers content to people accessing their platform worldwide.

"After fixing this error, our internal researchers found a rare scenario where a very sophisticated attacker could proceed to remote code execution."

Facebook asks Sedger to stay shut down in Vietnam on requests

U.S. A senior social media official told Reuters that Vietnam had threatened to shut down Facebook in the country if it did not succumb to government pressure to censor more local political content on its platform.

The official said Facebook complied with a government request in April to increase censorship of "anti-state" posts for local users, but Vietnam again asked the company to lift restrictions on key posts in August. Said.

"We reached an agreement in April. Facebook has endorsed the termination of our agreement, and we expect the Vietnamese government to do the same," the official said, citing the sensitivity of the issue. Didn't say name.

Facebook, Vietnam agree to post censorship after traffic"They have returned to us and tried to get us to consider increasing the amount of banned material in Vietnam. We have not told them. Some requests about what could

happen if not done. The request also came along."

PUBG Mobile India will have a prize pool of Rs 6 crore: report

 PUBG Mobile India will have a prize pool of Rs 6 crore: report

PUBG Mobile India may have Rs 6 crore prize pool, player's salary may go up

P.U.B.G. According to media reports, the Indian version could host a tournament with a prize pool of Rs 6 crore to return to the Indian market after being banned by the central government through Mobile India. With a prize pool,

salaries can range from Rs 40,000 to Rs 2 lakh.

According to Indian PUBG Mobile Player, a component of the TSM unit tweeted claiming that the PUBG Mobile India tournament would have a large pool of over 6 crore.

"First Crores Crore Prize for Pubg Tournament! Surprising Surprise ?! The minimum wage for a huge prize pool in each event for Tier 1 teams is 40K-2L. Which increases every season." Esports "is the beginning of a new era. When you

can try Esports with your hands, Ghatak tweeted.

According to the company, the confidentiality of data and security of data of Indian players is a priority of PUBG. The corporation has top priority and will conduct regular dit and check on storage systems containing personally

identifiable information of Indian users to strengthen security. .

Gmail for iOS is now a widget for finding your inbox box and quickly composing new emails.

Gmail for iOS is now a widget for finding your inbox box and quickly composing new emails.

Gmail for iOS has been updated with support for dedicated widgets. The Gmail widget is available on devices running iOS 14 and above, allowing you to search your inbox and create a new email. In addition to Gmail, Google Drive and

Google Fit apps on iOS have been updated with widgets.

Google has also promised to bring Calendar and Chrome widgets to enhance the experience in iOS 14 and later. Meanwhile, Chrome on the iPad has been updated with support for multiple Windows.

Unlike the Gmail widget on Android that lets you view your latest emails, its counterpart on iOS doesn't give you a preview of your inbox. Instead it gives you a standard 4x2 widget from where you can find your inbox or tap the compose

shortcut to create a new email.

The Gmail widget on iOS also comes with a shortcut to view your unread email. This gives you a counter to see how many new emails are in your inbox instead of using a badge on the Gmail app icon.


Google, Facebook and Twitter have threatened to leave Pakistan under the new rules


Internet and technology companies threatened to go Officials after the government of Pakistan blanket power for digital sensors critics say the expression in the material, the move was aimed at diminishing. Thursday's warning from the

Asia Internet Alliance, which represents the global Technologies, including Google, Facebook and Twitter, come after the Giants Prime Minister Imran Khan's government approved the increased power Government media regulator on Wednesday. 

The coalition said it was "appalled by the target of Pakistan's new law." Internet companies,  as well as the government's opaque process These rules were developed. "


Social media companies or Internet services under the new rules Failure of providers to stop distribution carries a fine of up to 14 14.314 million Defame Islam, promote terrorism, hate speech, Pornography or any content is seen as endangering national security. Pakistan needs social media companies to provide designated companies

Investigation Agency "with decrypted, readable and any information or data contained therein Wise format, "According to Pakistan's DAWN newspaper. Pakistan."  He wants social media companies to keep their office fees in the country.

The coalition said “Draconian data would harm localization requirements Ability for people to use free and open internet and shut down Pakistan The digital economy is far from the rest of the world. "The new rules will make it,"

he said It is difficult for its members to “provide their services to Pakistani users” Businesses.

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