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Post-COVID-19 Travel Trends Looks Complete New! Let’s Know The Kind Of Vacations You Can Go On!

The whole world is devastated by the coronavirus, and the economy is also at a toss. But the hospitality and tourism industry has suffered the worst. So, the major thought these days is that will people still travel with ease like before or will they would stop traveling this year or maybe till the next year!

By Mridulata Sen

Post-COVID-19 Travel Trends Looks Complete New! Let’s Know The Kind Of Vacations You Can Go On!

However, if people plan to travel, then what are the things that need to be taken care of before the vacay is being planned? All these things will be shared with you all.

Let’s know how travel looks like Post-COVID-19!

In the recent scenario, overseas travel is still a big no-no for the time being, but domestic travel has got a bit of improvement.

A lot of webinars are being conducted by industry experts to study and gain knowledge of the new trends and patterns of travelers and their travel safety. Industries are also planning on adopting new safety measures and products to offer. The hospitality sector is even planning to design new packages to bring something new onto the table.

It is estimated that travelers will avoid public places like adventure parks, temples, and beaches.

It is expected that travel in India will resume in different stages.

Both state and central governments with various tourism bodies have mutually introduced new guidelines for hygiene, cleanliness, and measures for social distancing. Hospitality industries are even asked to maintain a sanitation certification for safe and reliable tourism.

However, travel through flights and trains are not included in the changing trend. Road trips or self-drive holidays, family and friends reunions at a farmhouse or cottage, nearby weekend gateways are some of the top priority considerations.

Mentioned below is the list of travel trends post COVID-19:

Wildlife travel

Wildlife vacays are the safest and best.

Mainly friends groups are more likely to opt for this kind of travel. Experiencing the safaris, and national parks, watching the birds, listening to nature's music is a complete peace post-pandemic.

Rural Tourism

Away from the city’s hustle rural tourism gives mental peace and reliefs all the stress. You will get to experience rural life, food, art, culture, and heritage.

Adventure Tourism

Duo trips or smaller groups make the best adventurous trips ever. Road trips to the mountains are the best choice. This trip will offer Hiking, mountain climbing, rafting, and many more for you to explore.

Caravan Tourism

An almost new concept that is attracting a lot of explorers of different age groups. Few states in India like Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan are promoting such tours. These well-equipped Caravans will take travelers on countryside experiences to forests, riverside, deserts, and remote areas where accommodation facilities are limited.


Staycations have been a big rescue for the travelers to feel themselves free after unlock!

This concept is common both in India and abroad too. It can be for a relaxing holiday or for work as well. It is expected that Staycations will get more attention to preference in the coming time.

Although, it is too early to say when things will settle down and the world will start looking better than before. It also cannot be assumed that when people will be ready to travel with all ease and comfort. However, the government has to boost the tourism industry.

The only thing that can be confirmed that, travel only when you feel it’s too urgent or when you sense that it’s safe to travel.

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