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The Success Tale of Pranjal Patil, India’s First Visually Challenged Woman IAS Officer

Many of you have already heard about Pranjal Patil, India's first visually impaired female IAS officer.

By Ishika Rastogi

The Success Tale of Pranjal Patil, India’s First Visually Challenged Woman IAS Officer

Her path to fame, however, was anything but smooth. This allows us to read an inspiring story about Pranjal Patil and her adventure. 

Typically, success stories from UPSC civil service examinations are inspiring. This is the story of Pranjal Patil, who became the first visually impaired IAS officer in the Country. I wish to share this success story of a visually challenged lady who has become the primary visually impaired IAS officer in the country so as to inspire you. 

India's first visually challenged IAS officer, Pranjal Patil

In 2016, she became the first IRS officer in the first attempt and the first IAS officer, achieving 124th rank in the second rank attempt. Many success stories not only display the path but additionally fill the ardor with a dedication to achieving the goal. 

One such tale is that of Pranjal Patil, the primary visually impaired female IAS officer in the country. She was born in Ullhasnagar, Maharashtra. In 2016, she secured the 773rd rank in the UPSC Civil Services Exam on her first attempt. 

She could not comfortably handle the task of railway accountants service due to being blind. Despite the fact that he had now given up, 

in 2017, she created records by attaining the 124th rank. She started her education in 2015 for this fulfillment. Her eyes became susceptible from the beginning. 

The large hurricane in her life came at six when she became completely blind. She misplaced her eyes at the age of six. 

Pranjal completed schooling from Kamla Mehta Dadar Faculty for the Blind in Mumbai and Political Technology from St. Xavier’s University. 

She also earned an MPhil and a Ph.D. after graduating from Jawaharlal Nehru College with a degree in the global family. 

The venture of being visually impaired in the journey of fulfillment of Pranjal Patil in no way got here in the manner. She made a direction via all of the evil human beings along with his robust intentions. 

After passing the Civil offerings examination in 2016, Pranjal was declared ineligible for the position of railway debt provider due to his visual impairment. 

For her, that became quite stunning. After combating opposition to that, she has presented a process in the Postal and Telecommunication department. whose degree was decreased by more than the IRS. They took it down. 

She quickly attempted it over again afresh, and the result was that she became the first visually impaired IAS officer in the country. 

She cleared UPSC without any training. She says that she not only qualified for the UPSC Civil Offerings examination but was additionally given a higher rank with no training for it. 

She felt that education could cause needless strain. She prepared for the examination with the assistance of a unique software program. With the help of that software program, she read books. 

Pranjal additionally gave mock tests and participated in the dialogue. According to IAS Pranjal, he and a friend had read an article about the Indian Administrative Service for the first time during their graduation. 

She became aware of the dream of becoming an IAS after graduation. However, once admitted to MPhil at JNU, she began systemic preparation in 2015. We hope you'll revel in the achievement tale.



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