Google Cloud and Other best cloud storage, Why so famous

Do you know why google cloud is so famous? If not then you should. Let's scans the prominent feature that makes it run effectively.

By Rounak Sharma

Google Cloud and Other best cloud storage, Why so famous
Google Cloud and Other best cloud storage, Why so famous
Google Cloud and Other best cloud storage, Why so famous

Why Google Cloud is so famous? 

Google Cloud may be a major data services provider for containerized applications (sometimes referred to as GCP). In India, Qatar, Australia and Canada, Google's Cloud continues to expand quickly: new cloud regions have recently been introduced. This provides a massive 22 cloud regions in 16 countries to serve the rising number of users.

What is and why you will use the Google Cloud platform? 

The rival is more likely to have better and more customer-orientated goods and services on any dynamic market. Google would make a bigger shot because it doesn't do a bad job for an organization that isn't known for its glamorous.


  •  In fact, Google Cloud Platform is a decentralized cloud system that provides its customers with the services they need on a stand-alone basis. 
  • Although Google provides an almost-like and affordable cloud hosting infrastructure, Amazon Web Services is based on its primary business model to build and deliver more advanced, containerized technology.

Google Cloud , Google

Network CLOUD Resources (GCP) 

In the abstract, cloud resources are hard to recognize. To make you understand more clearly Google Cloud Network, Here are GOOGLE Cloud Platform 's core services: 

  • Computing Engine (GCE) for Google 
  • GKE (Google Container Engine) Google Cybernetics Engine 
  • Google App Engine offers tools and languages to web developers (PYTHON AND PHP NOW Also Microsoft. NET languages, to create up an application on the Internet directly on Google cloud).
  • Google Cloud Storage (GPC object data store, meaning that it embraces some amount of knowledge and displays the information to the customer is most valuable – as archives, a database, a source of information, and a collection of information that is unordered, or as multimedia). 
  • Cloud SQL (not widely accessible yet) 
  • (Their called names indicate utilizing Google's current communication processing ability, spoken and written, to be used for custom applications), Cloud Translation, Voice to expression, and expression to voice, etc. 
  • Publish and access To Pub / Sub To 
  • AutoML Cloud (a suite of software developed for machine learning applications-)
  • The Cloud Run will be a recently developed feature where software developers will use the so-called serverless paradigm to generate and execute their applications on the Google Cloud-to generate and run services with the look of locally hosted and not inside the cloud.

How Google Cloud is being used 

Google Cloud can be a network infrastructure provider for online storage and installation of software. It specialized in designing and running apps for individuals and businesses and using the web platform to communicate to the consumers of those applications.

Best cloud storage in 2020 

1. iDrive 

  • Easy to run 
  • Extended 
  • Safe  
  • Backup IDrive Express 
  • 2FA vacuum 

2. pCloud 

  • Reasonably priced 
  • Use quickly 
  • Secure, simple to use the template 
  • No collaboration tools 

3. Mega 

  • Enhancement of defense 
  • Simple to use 
  • Impressive daily schedule 
  • Customer communication open-source 
  • A 50 GB free plan may be an uncommon phenomenon in cloud computing, 

4. OneDrive 

  • Windows-first option 
  • Windows Built-in 
  • Data syncing and restore functions 
  • Free capacity of just 5 GB

5. iCloud 

  • Apple's iOS and macOS approach 
  • Quite cost-effective 
  • Fits well in the Apple ecosystem 
  • Free backup of just 5 GB 
  • On Microsoft's hands, Apple's 

6. Google Drive 

  • An easy and insightful approach for Google users 
  • Nice free deal 
  • Integration of Android 
  • There is no GUI 
  • Google Drive for personal as well as technical ventures 

7. Box 

  • Long-term service sector driven infrastructure 
  • Similar service programs 
  • Company plans for defense 
  • A 250Mb file upload cap is required for free service.

8. NextCloud 

  • "provider" for DIY apps cloud storage 
  • Innovative 
  • May fits your requirements 
  • Effectively planned setups 
  • NextCloud is not a networking club hosting service alone, technically speaking. 

9. SpiderOak 

  • Space for privacy-minded consumers with zero awareness 
  • Secure and healthy. 
  • Customized users on a single platform 
  • Offering restricted free

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