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Sandip Diwate- This Son Of A Bus Driver Now Owns Company With Clients like- ONGC, RIL etc.

Here's the success track of Sandip Diwate, the founder of Realix Group. He earned all this name and fame in spite of being from a lower middle class family. How all this happened, for this let's go through the article.

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Sandip Diwate- This Son Of A Bus Driver Now Owns  Company With Clients like- ONGC, RIL etc.
Sandip Diwate- This Son Of A Bus Driver Now Owns  Company With Clients like- ONGC, RIL etc.

Whenever you go through the entrepreneurial stories, you will find often the ups and downs of an entrepreneur’s life. All these success stories fill you with motivations to do something awesome for your career but simultaneously the success stories are demotivating for many people who want to become entrepreneurs but don’t want to compromise their comfortable life.

But if someone makes the entrepreneurship very clear in an easy way and if it is less threatening then there is a huge crowd of people who will consider being job providers instead of being job seekers. So, here we have one example of Sandip Diwate, the founder of Realix. He is one among the list of who made entrepreneurship easy to understand and made their difficult journey look effortless. If we talk about Sandip’s background then like most of us people Sandip belongs to a lower-middle-class family which includes his bus-conductor father, four sisters, and mother. With great difficulty and cooperation of the entire family, he was able to pursue chemical engineering.

His Life Journey

 In his childhood, Sandip made many friends from wealthy families but he usually got nervous when he noticed the differences in their lifestyles. Sandip's sister even left her studies and used to help her mother in making and selling sweet boxes to earn money for Sandip's education.
      Having completed chemical engineering, he decided to go towards management studies, so he chose Symbiosis Institute for a distant MBA course and took a job at a Unilever Group company, Diversy Lever so that he might support his education financially. In 2005, he completed MBA and joint 3M. Till 2010, he served his company in many important positions. In spite of this much comfort, there was still an entrepreneurial desire inside him. In 2010, after accumulating his savings, he founded Realix Industries, a propriety firm.
      Sandip had gained good experience in dealing with road safety systems during his service for 3M. This thing led him to offer Traffic Safety systems through his first company. His company manufactured good quality thermoplastic road marking paints with the “Rexotherm” brand name. 

       His company executed several high profile lane marking highway projects like the Yamuna Expressway ( Agra- Noida Expressway),  Mumbai-Pune Expressway, etc. His experience in chemical engineering background helped his company in growing in 2 years.

I always felt during my childhood that my friends are rich because their families own a business. The innate desire to do something on my own and my belief system propelled me to become an entrepreneur.”, said Sandip.

         Later on, in 2012 Sandip formed a new company with the name “Enviro Safety” private limited with this friend Nidhi Khullar who is an IT professional. This company offers an industrial automation system, integration wireless, and telecommunication integration especially for application in hazardous areas.
       After launching in Enviro Safety, this duo made lots of innovations by combining artificial intelligence, internet, industrial process automation, and integration. Hence it became one of the first very few companies that offered sensors into the industrial process using AI-enabled computing devices. After this, Realix started to grab huge contracts from BPCL, RIL, HPCL, ONGC, BP, and ADNOC, etc. for automating some of the critical processes for their refineries.

        This success gave a boost to the fame of Realix and Realix ventured internationally with a fully owned company Realix UK in Birmingham, UK, in 2014. Further on, a Swiss company invested 200 crores in the Realix group.
 Currently, Realix is producing IoT and IIoT applications to enable smarter and efficient use of technology in many processes. In the road transport sector, Realix made a revolutionary “mVaahan” app which was developed for automating processes like fitness inspection and new vehicle registration at RTO. Realix group did a huge turnover of 480 Cr in the previous financial year.

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