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5 Easy And Effective Habits To Keep Your Heart Healthy

The information on this article is not intended as a medical advice. Sharing of this knowledge and information to encourage you to make your health care decisions based upon above research. Please consult your doctor,if you are having any serious heart problem.

By Bhavonblog

 5 Easy And Effective  Habits To Keep Your Heart Healthy

We work, play, laugh,sleep and do several things throughout the day and night. Our heart is on working mode for each and every second daily. Our heart is the most essential body organ which supplies blood to all the other organs and parts of the body working continuously. Therefore, it is very important to take care of its muscles and walls for its well being because it directly affects our health. Negligence may cause serious issues which may lead to death. Adapting some easy habits in your daily routine can make a huge impact on your heart health.


The word “CARDIO” means cardiovascular exercises.  Do some aerobic exercises such as walking, running, yoga, cycling, weight-training and swimming that helps to pump up your heart and lungs with more than a normal pace which improves heart health by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and enhance blood flow.

# Make these exercises a part of your daily workout routine for just 30 mins a day. They don’t need any equipment and are absolutely totally free!!!


Learn how to differentiate between good and bad fat before you add it to your diet. Unsaturated and poly-saturated fats are beneficial for our health. Whereas, trans fat raises bad cholesterol levels and clogs the walls of arteries. Eat healthy fats, which you can find in fishes, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Use olive oil in place of butter.

# Everytime when you buy, packed foods just go through the ingredient part where they gave detailed amount of protein, trans fat, emulsifiers, fibers or many more content of product. Check whether trans fat = 0 in product or not.


Every person has their own type of stress from little ones to oldies. As we have observed, that our breathing and heart rate fasten, when we are in a stressful situation. It is because our body goes to “fight or flight” mode which triggers our adrenal hormones, cortisol and adrenaline hormone which increases blood pressure and heart rate. Eat dark chocolates - they contain flavonoids which helps to lower the chances of heart diseases and also improves our mood. Laughing can also helps in reducing the stress. Read some comics or play with your pets.

# Try aromatic sticks, or relaxing therapy to make yourself stress-free. Stick back to your favorite past time hobbies. Listen to your favourite music or shake your body within the tunes. Pamper yourself and enjoy!!!


Whenever someone is smoking around you, feel free to ask them to stop. Being exposed to the second hand smoke has more risk of developing heart & lung diseases to the children nearby and the people who don’t smoke. It is said that the risk of having stroke, increase in blood pressure and cholesterol increases with each cigarette you have.

# Ask them to stop whether he /she is your acquaintance or strange. Never risk your health for such a careless and irresponsible person who neither care for himself/herself nor for others well being.


Sleeping is very important for overall body recovery. Our body relaxes & repairs itself for the better performance. According to research, people who have irregular or insufficient sleep have higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. So, get proper and enough sleep for your healthy heart. Take at least 7-8 hours of sleep per day uninterrupted.

#Avoid late night parties and gathering, they may disturb your sleeping routine. Taking shower and drinking a glass of milk before going to bed can progress your sleep quality.

Cardiovascular diseases are becoming the leading cause of mortality in India. According to Times of India, 1 person is died due to heart attack in every 33 seconds in our country.Choose the right way to your health.If this article can helps you then, the purpose of my writing was fulfilled.

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