Duo Of Brothers Turned Family Wholesale Jewelery Business Into Influential Tycoon - MIRA'Z JEWELLERS

MIRA’Z Jewellers is a reliable and vastly trusted brand by the existing customers in the market. It offers high-rated jewelry. They have a variety of collections specially selected for all gender and for people of all ages. You will find options for Jewellery for Men, Jewellery for Women, and Jewellery for Kids. Let’s know about the real-life journey of the brand in the word of CEO Mr. Kushagra Singhal.

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Duo Of Brothers Turned Family Wholesale Jewelery Business Into Influential Tycoon - MIRA'Z JEWELLERS

There’s one place that’s dedicated to keeping the great Indian jewelry traditions alive. A place called MIRA’Z, where elegant and handcrafted jewelry with an Indian soul for leading contemporary lifestyles. They offer an unmatched collection of gold, diamond, and designer jewelry. It was founded by Late Shri Jai Kishan Dass, who had defined the path of hard work and honesty. And now the legacy followed by the young generation of family Mr. Kushagra Singhal and Samarth Singhal. The duo of brothers took the family business to the greater heights. Their dedication towards work multiplied the business manifold and now they own multiple jewelry showrooms in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Following the trend, the duo of brothers adds the youth flavor recently launched another showroom with the name MIRA’Z. It is headquartered in the Meerut.

Go ahead and have a piece of cake of motivation from the CEO of “MIRA’Z JEWELLERS”-  Mr. Kushagra Singhal's exclusive interview.

Tell me a bit about your magnificent personality?

I am glad to be here for this interview.I'm Kushagra Singhal, CEO of MIRA'Z.  Originally I belong to Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. I received my primary education from here only. Although I was quite good at academics I had a keen interest in my family business "MEERA Jewellers" since childhood. I always wish that it would increase manifold. Now, we have multiple jewelry showrooms and recently launched an elegant showroom with the name "MIRA’Z Jewellers". We have not only worked on jewelry innovation, but also on its brand management

Which feature of your family business attracts you to join the business?

The very clear fact behind joining the family business is that it doesn’t matter how good we perform in academics, at last, we end up with some particular job and that is the end of it. There is a second person who can offer a salary to a limit, But business has no end… we can work continuously in this field. But with a job, we might face several limitations. In business, we are our own boss. No one is here to control us. We can use our ideas and creativity at our own risk.

Have you observed the growth scale after you have joined the family business?

I don’t want to give all credit to myself. I have a team behind the MIRA’Z JEWELLERS who work tirelessly on the designs of jewelry. It’s really impossible to run a startup without a hard-working team. I do say things have changed since I have joined my business. As you know there is always a huge gap between the mindset of one generation to another. Previously we basically oriented towards traditional marketing. But now we have a different online platform to sell or showcase the products of the brand. It’s impossible to expect growth by following old ideas. We need to supply the products according to market demand. But it is quite difficult to measure the growth in mathematical figures. It has several aspects. Like - brand value, customers, Identity evaluation, sales, business levels, etc.

 “MIRA’Z JEWELLERS” - is quite a fascinating domain. How do you come with the name of your Business?

 As India is developing digitally, people are also becoming crazy behind the brand value. And we have personally also observed this and you know the saying “jo dikhta hai vo bikta hai”. And it was very necessary to be present in the digital and online markets. It has become the habit of everyone to have searched online and taken feedback before purchasing anything from anybody and people also crave something different. That’s why we came up with the one such showroom that stands apart from others. Our showroom is different as we offer customers jewelry with ethnic clothing under a single roof. Ladies love to purchase jewels according to the dress or buy jewelry on the basis of clothing.  So we try to fulfill all the demands. So with this idea, it’s quite difficult to run business with the name MEERA JEWELERS, then we decided to launch another showroom with MIRA’Z JEWELERS. It perfectly holds the essence of our business.

What are the challenges you have faced in the establishment of MIRAJ?

No doubt, faced several challenges, establishing a brand is not an easy task. Likewise, we also faced challenges in the establishment of MIRAJ. When you look forward to showcasing your brand you need to do some assessment beforehand. Likewise, we have done it. Earlier our business was totally wholesale based but as we move toward the retail mode, we face some difficulties that were not a part of the wholesale based business. Like the demands of the buyers and challenge to build trust among customers. In our industry, people usually follow hereditary instincts and word of mouth. Like they buy product/jewelry from the shop from where their parents or grandparents used to buy. People feel hesitate to buy high investment products like gold and silver from a new showroom or jewelry shop. Gradually we are overcoming this very challenge with our constant efforts to make customers feel satisfied with our services.

How do you advertise your business?

Nowadays, we all know Digital Marketing so trendy. And during the pandemic period and the lockdown, it automatically reaches to its peak point. It’s really difficult for any business to expand and reach the masses without using a digital platform. Likewise, for MIRA’Z JEWELLERS we also make use of social media platforms or Google ads to advertise our business. It is very important for businessmen to keep themselves updated with market trends, but as many people still lack awareness about the digital world or do not find digital feedback trustworthy, so we use traditional mode marketing along with digital mode. 

What do you think if we solely rely on digital marketing can we run the business smoothly?

It depends upon the location and development scope of a particular area.  If we compare Meerut and Delhi, you find a vast difference. Delhites are more aware than people of Meerut.  So it is very essential to have research about the customer base like who are your potential buyers? Then only you can choose your mode of advertisement accordingly. Both digital and traditional marketing are similar, aiming to create awareness about the brand and marketing but it is highly dependent on the type of market. So you can’t simply go ahead with a single business trick.

What is the most challenging event you have faced in the field of business?

The most challenging event is to survive in this competitive market of jewelers. Ornament sector already has several big players, And MIRA’Z Jewellers is a new name in the market as earlier we are known by the name “Meera”. This really confuses our clients whether they are the same or new jewelers. So to gain it their trust again is really challenging for us. But now things are changing and gradually people are becoming aware of our brand.

What is your life success mantra?

There are many but one I personally follow – “Dedication towards Work” – I am a workaholic person. I always love to take a step forward in order to multiply our business by offering quality and customer-oriented services.

Share a habit that makes you more productive?

Seriousness towards work… I always stay punctual and try to do the work with perfection with optimum use of resources.

What motivates you?

Competition in the market, I also observe the market and my competitors and try to inculcate more productive ideas in business to achieve greater heights.

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