Dr. Kashika Jain

Dr. Kashika Jain

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Dr. Kashika Jain

Taking a Unique Lap to Heal and Get Clap

Ideation Engine can create impact from the moment it has been established to address social changes. It’s all about making this idea to come into effect and rest is history in the making. Dr. Kashika Jain is the phenomenal lady in the era of Gina Haspel, Stacy Cunningham, Arundhati Bhattacharya to show spark of Women Leadership. We, at VTV India got blissful opportunity to connect with this outstanding woman of her time. Let’s show some of the glimpse and input she provided during her interaction:

VTV India: What’s the name of the company or enterprise you are linked with or established by you?

Kashika: Wonderful You

VTV India: What do you offer through your business?

Kashika: It works on psychological and spiritual counselling and training.

VTV India: What actually made you develop this product/ service – What was your inspiration behind this?

Kashika: Well the root cause behind this GREAT thing is the desire invigorated in me to empower and help others.

VTV India: What is the philosophy of life?

Kashika: It is completely based on choice vs action. For me I believe that if we have choices, we should analyse and choose the best but in case there are no choices, then we should act best.

VTV India: What’s the biggest challenged you faced / or facing while your entrepreneurial journey?

Kashika: People are not aware about the mental health which should be restored at every cost. People always get flowed with the stigma in the society about mental issues. To eradicate such dilemma and increase morale from the stagnant and staunch thinking, we are working hard to bring substantial changes.

VTV India: What solutions or alternates have devised to meet that challenge? 

Kashika: These challenges aren’t less than going on combat missions and had to be tackled with the way they needed to be. “Wonderful Mind Mission” has been launched with the aim to sort out the consistent issues the society is witnessing every-day. Today, it has gathered several Ministers, MLAs, Sportsperson, IAS Officers, Doctors etc. have joined hands with this venture.

VTV India: Tell us about your investments? How you managed funds in initial days of business?

Kashika: It has been completely my savings which has been used as investments.

VTV India: Any external investment offered to you?

Kashika: NO

VTV India: Can you name 3 inner traits of man that can lead him to success?

Kashika: Well it will be versed in the Dirty Picture’s version and it is completely Belief, belief and belief.

VTV India: Top 5 mobile applications you use personally?

Kashika: Being smartphone user I have call option only (laughs).

VTV India: Top Online tools / services / applications you use in your business process?

Kashika: Every big Analytics Giant be it E&Y, Goldman Sachs, Google will tell you one single thing to increase business is to tap social media users as it creates more impact and can really give you blockbuster hit. Some of them are:

  1. Whatsapp
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter
  5. YouTube

VTV India: Any tips on increasing productivity?

Kashika: Take actions fast and the best time to take action is now.

VTV India: What habits you changed in yourself to be more productive?

Kashika: As stated earlier (laughs again) in the previous one and it is solely increase in speed of implementation.

VTV India: What you would like to change in yourself?

Kashika: I am Aadhar Card holder among 132 Crore and everytime it endorses with its uniqueness. I am unique and I don’t think I have to change but yes, areas of improvement are in everyone.

VTV India: Any plans to diversify in other businesses? 

Kashika: Let’s live in the current moment and current conscience says a big NO (For the question).

 VTV India: The best startup you would like to invest in?

Kashika: Mental Health Services

VTV India: Let’s go for some quick answers (one liner):

  • One success tip

Kashika: Consisitency

VTV India: – Biggest Mistake of Life

Kashika: Self Doubt

VTV India: Greatest Learning of Business

Kashika: Speed of Implementation matters the most.

VTV India: One message to new startups or entrepreneurs.

Kashika: Always do what you love. It’s a sure way to success.

VTV India: Share a quote that inspires you the most.

Kashika: Everyone is self made but only successful people admit it.

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