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Singham's Tale: Manoj Kumar Sharma's Inspiring IPS Journey

Manoj Kumar Sharma's inspiring journey from a 12th-grade failure in a small village in Madhya Pradesh to a distinguished IPS officer in the Mumbai Police is a testament to the triumph of love, determination, and unwavering perseverance. Motivated by his love for Shraddha Joshi, Sharma overcame financial struggles, odd jobs, and academic setbacks to succeed in the Union Public Service Commission examinations on his fourth attempt. Currently serving as the Additional Commissioner, Sharma's life, depicted in the film "12th Fail," embodies the essence of true love and serves as a beacon of inspiration, emphasizing that no dream is too big to achieve with the right spirit and dedication.

By Shreya Rajvanshi Gangal

Singham's Tale: Manoj Kumar Sharma's Inspiring IPS Journey

The release of the film "12th Fail" on December 29, 2023, has not only captivated audiences on the OTT platform but also unveiled the extraordinary real-life tale that inspired the compelling character portrayed by Vikrant Massey. Manoj Kumar Sharma, the man behind the inspiring story, transformed his destiny from a 12th-grade failure driving a tempo to a distinguished IPS officer. Let's delve into the details of his inspiring journey.

Early Life Struggles:

Manoj Kumar Sharma's journey began in the quaint village of Bilgaon in Morena district, Madhya Pradesh, in 1977. Financial struggles marked his early life, as his father worked in the Department of Agriculture. Academic challenges accompanied him, earning only a third division in Class IX and X and facing a complete failure in Class XII, except for Hindi.

Despite these setbacks, fate intervened when Sharma fell in love with Shraddha Joshi. Overcoming academic hesitations, he proposed to her, making a promise to transform his life.

A Determined Path to Success:

Motivated by love and a burning desire to prove himself, Sharma embarked on the daunting journey of preparing for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examinations. To finance his education and preparation, he took on odd jobs, including driving a tempo and walking dogs for the affluent in Delhi, sometimes even resorting to sleeping on the streets.

Sharma's resilience shone through as he worked as a peon in a library, seizing the opportunity to enhance his UPSC exam preparation and cultivate an unwavering spirit of determination. Despite facing failure in the UPSC Civil Services Exam three times, he persisted, securing an All India Rank (AIR) of 121 on his fourth attempt.

Current Triumphs:

Manoj Kumar Sharma currently serves as the Additional Commissioner of the Mumbai Police, earning nicknames like "Singham" and "Simba" due to his authoritative style. His love story with Shraddha Joshi, now an IRS officer, adds a touch of Bollywood romance to his remarkable journey.

In an interview, Sharma highlighted the pivotal role Joshi played in his life, stating that without her, his life would not be what it is today. Despite their differences, the couple triumphed over adversities, embodying the essence of true love.

A Bollywood Romance Unfolded:

Sharma and Joshi's love story mirrors a Bollywood script. Sharma expressed that he believed one cannot live without love, and the moment he met Joshi, he felt there was something special about her. Describing his courtship, Sharma humorously mentioned learning to make tea, as Joshi, hailing from the hills of Uttarakhand, had a fondness for it. Joshi, in turn, shared the stark contrast between her hillside upbringing and Sharma's experiences, especially during their wedding, where shotguns were fired, a sight unfamiliar to her.


Manoj Kumar Sharma's journey from a 12th-grade failure to an IPS officer exemplifies the triumph of determination, love, and unwavering perseverance. His life, now etched into the hearts of many through the film "12th Fail," serves as an inspiration for those facing challenges, reminding us that no dream is too big, and no setback is too great to overcome with the right spirit and dedication.

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