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At the Bengaluru Tech Summit, Prime Minister Modi Said Digital India Is Now A Way Of Life

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020

By blogwriternisha

At the Bengaluru  Tech Summit, Prime Minister Modi Said Digital India Is Now A Way Of Life

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that the Digital India mission launched by the center five years ago was no longer seen as an ordinary government enterprise and had instead become a way of life.

“Thanks to Digital India, our country has seen a more people-centered approach to development. The widespread use of technology has brought about many changes in the lives of our citizens. Everyone benefits, ”said the Prime Minister at the opening of the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020.

Modi said the government has succeeded in creating a market for digital and technological solutions. Technology has become an important part of any planning. “Our governance model is above all technology,” he said.

Noting the importance of the technology amid coronaviruses (or outbreaks) across the country (or across the continent), Modi said there were similarities in the scope of this concession. "

The prime minister said if the technology is to be considered, the way forward is to learn and grow together and take that approach. Many incubation centers are opening in India. He also drew attention to the culture of hackathons that have taken place in India in recent years.

Regarding the transformation of the industrial and information age, Modi said: "The achievements of the industrial age are reflected in the past and we are now in the middle of the information age. The future is coming. earlier than expected. In the Industrial Age, the change was linear. For the first time in the Industrial Age, walking was an advantage over others," but Modi spoke of the best running in the Age of the World. information.

The Prime Minister praised the Indian IT sector saying: "Our local technology has created the capacity to go global. It is time for technical solutions which are developed in India but deployed globally."

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