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Prime Minister Narendra Modi turns 70 : Get wishes from every corner

Today is the seventy-year birthday of Premier Minister Narendra Modi. On his birthday, representatives from all political parties shared the Premier's wishes. Several bigwigs sent their home birthday greetings to Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.

By Rounak Sharma

Prime Minister  Narendra Modi turns 70 : Get wishes from every corner

Birthday Updates of Narendra Modi: Wishes for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who turns 70, have poured in from every corner of the world. One of the first VIPs to wish Modi was Prime Minister KP Oli, who said the two leaders would continue to cooperate closely to improve Indian-Nepal relations. Want to find a new map of Nepal, which shows indigenous and many different flashpoints, between the neighbors. In the meantime, the BJP will mark 'Seva Saptah' who started on 14 September, and will pray for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's long lives and good health across the world."BJP has taken an extremely large decision and observes 'Seva Saptah' from 14th September till 20th September. 'Seva Saptah' will celebrate the birth of Prime Minister Jammu and Kashmir Avinash Rai Khanna on 17th September and we will be praying that he will have a long life and good health in order for him to continue to make decisions in national interests."

The party included many sarpanches and the panch and ex-village leaders, including the officers of the Bishnah social organization, Vikas Manch. Khanna said that he belongs to the four-member team consisting of the Seva Saptah party to oversee the program in order to meet the people to alleviate their problems. He said the "historic day" is the happiest moment of his life, with the abrogation of Jammu and Kashmir's special status, because the entire nation had waited 70 years for that "bold decision." "BJP is the only party capable of decision making in the nation's interest and in the public interest ...," said Khanna.

The city of Surat, along with many other business organizations, is planting 70,000 saplings in the city in commemoration of the 70th birthday of the prime minister. Nirav Shah, deputy Mayor of Surat, said that the initiative was launched two weeks ago and that by September 16th, Modi's birthday evening, they expect to complete the planting of 70,000 saplings. He says PM Modi invites people to celebrate their birthday in a way that will help everyone. The city of Surat agreed, in honor of him, to plant saplings that will increase the city's greenery and also the oxygen level. On 16 September in the Sivan Kamatchi Amman temple, in Tamil Nadu's Coimbatore BJP employees offered 70 kg of laddu.

This is how leaders give PM Modi their wishes

President Kovind

Amit Shah

Rahul Gandhi

Shashi Tharoor

Rajnath Singh

Nepal Prime Minister KP Oli 

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