Dr. Apurva Joshi –Director of Riskpro Management Consulting- Don’t stop until your goal is achieved!

This is an interview of Dr. Apurva Joshi, who believes that to have a perfect balance between professional and personal life.

By Mridulata Sen

Dr. Apurva Joshi –Director of Riskpro Management Consulting- Don’t stop until your goal is achieved!

This is an interview about a lady, Dr. Apurva Joshi who believes that the success to have a perfect balance between professional and personal life is balance and steadiness.

To begin with, as the Head of Technology and Due Diligence at Riskpro Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd, Apurva has contributed to making Riskpro among the Top 10 Forensic Accounting firms in India. This has made Riskpro a successful risk management service to many corporate offices.

Riskpro is a product to identify the risk of individuals. It is one of the first companies to offer the intelligence-as-service model. It has 27 different parameters to identify risk. Riskpro was established in the year 2008. It’s one of the niche risk management firms focusing on Governance, Risk and Compliance Services, and solutions. This includes the blend of technology and human network to assess the risk involved in transactions.

So today through this article I will let you know about the success story of Dr. Apurva Joshi.

The inspiration behind the successful building of the product or service:

In 2013, when the business increased with exponential growth Apurva finds it difficult to manage the volume and get information manually, so she had to depend on the available market sources. However, there was always a fear of being the sources not genuine or authentic. Thus, from there the thought of building a product that would connect the dots and provide the information or the reasoning for the conclusions came into the process.

Her life Mantra:

She believes that no matter where she goes, she tries to add value to the spaces and lives around her. She wants to work for society in whichever form she can!

She follows not to stop till she thinks her goal is achieved.

Which tools/services help Apurva and do she recommend the same for others:

In the interview, Apurva mentioned that for a business model like them which is mainly for risk management, forensic audit/fraud investigations, they use a tool called Biznexxus, the nexus building tool which is helpful for banks, investors, decision-makers.

The goal for the next 3 years:

In the upcoming three years, Dr.Joshi wants to have her company’s reach at least three continents hiring more talent on board. She even wishes to invest more in skilled and talented people rather than in Technology.

What are the keys to success for Dr.Joshi:

Success to her is all about maintaining Integrity, Consistency, and Staying updated with current happenings, technologies, news, business trends. These three keys help an individual to be stable and focused on his/her targets. As per her, integrity makes your client keep faith with your work, consistency helps in delivering the desired result while maintaining the company’s reputation, and staying updated will help to keep the business upgraded with knowing demands.

This interview had definitely cleared that staying focused is the main thing to run a business. So, my dear folks if you all are planning to have success in your business this article is a must-read.

Do let us know your views on the same. Till then stay tuned for further updates.



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