From Acting To Entrepreneurship, How Shefali Shah Pursued Her Will During The Coronavirus Pandemic

In an interview, actress Shefali Shah talks about her new project, Jalsa, and why she decided to start a business.

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From Acting To Entrepreneurship, How Shefali Shah Pursued Her Will During The Coronavirus Pandemic

“In my more than twenty-year career, I've never been as busy as these two years,” says actor-turned-entrepreneur Shefali Shah in an interview. 

After starring in the award-winning series and critical acclaim for the Netflix crime network in Delhi, she has starred in a number of interesting projects including Alia Bhatt's Lovers, Junglee Pictures' Doctor G, Vipul's online TV series Amrutlal Shah ". the Second season "The Man" and "Crime in Delhi".

But more importantly, during the pandemic, she celebrated her entrepreneurial debut with the Jalsa Experimental Food Center in Ahmedabad.

According to her, Jalsa is a work of love and passion, in which every element - from ornaments and decorations to recipes and presentations - is personally managed and often done individually!

Shefali brings with him an in-depth understanding of the subtle and fascinating aspects of human experience in the world of food and hospitality.

But why bother with the restaurant business during a disaster?

“These two years have taught people the importance of unity and unity. And that is what we aim to bring with Jalsa. It is not just-food. It's about people who want to get out and be together, do something with their family and friends, and Jalsa is the place to do it, "says Shefali.
Filled with delicious food, Shefali is known to cook for her extra time. "Like many, I had cooking videos that took up most of my time. I just wanted to combine my love for cooking, design, art with food," she says.

"I was very careful with every detail and I wanted everything to be a certain way. So I hired an art director to help me create every element. I drew the drawings myself because I wanted them in a certain way. more than twenty years in the industry, " says Shefali.

Shefali Shah's new restaurant Jalsa has hand-painted walls, recipes from  her kitchen. See photos | Bollywood - Hindustan Times
He says he has been busy with interior design himself - from hand-painting some walls and cheesecakes to creating an environment that people will love, working closely with chefs, and sharing his own recipes to give a variety of flavors to all tastes.

Shefali adds that Jalsa is a popular buffet restaurant serving Indian and international cuisine. Jalsa is a carnival of food, happiness, and unity. Ferris wheels, astrologers, henna artists, attractions, etc. Jalsa is not just a restaurant, it is fun for everyone.

Commenting on the difference between acting and entrepreneurship, Shefali says: “In acting, you will not be held responsible for any delay. You do your part and the job is done. But in entrepreneurship, it's like raising a child - it's about you and about you. From food, cosmetics, and people to dirty things, it's all up to you and you are automatically responsible. This is my first project, and, perhaps, in the next I will not be too involved, but in the first restaurant, everything has to be perfect."

Advice for all women entrepreneurs, Shefali says, “Just do it! The worst thing that can happen is a loss. But how do you know this without doing anything? So just go and do it. And there is no one to judge you! "

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