Gurpreet Kaur

Gurpreet Kaur

By Faber

Gurpreet Kaur

“Garland with Gown Garnered with Determination”

In the journey of life, there come moments which stings one with some essential materialistic things and make them preserve until time comes to pass it on as part of chain. Which item is so valuable that it becomes part of any chain without any Will.  It’s an undeclared de-facto thing and this commodity is the jewellery. Gurpreet Kaur is working over this for years to add style to your ornaments through various ideas. Time has come to get some inputs from Gurpreet regarding the venture established:

VTV India: What’s the funky name of your venture which gives style to your brand?

Gurpreet: Style Deco 

VTV India: What kind of jewellery you provide or deal with?

Gurpreet: High-end Imitation Jewellery. I believe the jewellery imitates hormonal changes to secrete hormones which let people to buy them (Laughs).

VTV India: What was the Eureka moment to start this venture?

Gurpreet: I have been a working women since past 16 years, have worked as Merchandise Manager in a Reputed Export house for almost 12 years but after sometime and reaching a level I realised I need sometime for myself and may be start something which can keep me busy but can also keep my creative side occupied, As my younger sister has worked with brands like Amrapali, Marie Claire and many more we both thought why not to try hands in jewellery and thus started trying our hands in this product through exhibitions, which of course has now reached a different level and we feel proud to see it grow

VTV India: What is the philosophy of life?

Gurpreet: Things may be difficult but there is nothing impossible that you can’t do or get. So, keep on trying and doors will keep open by its own in the end.

VTV India: What were the initial hindrances came infront of you during initial set-up and afterwards till this date in your enterprise?

Gurpreet: Jewellery is quite a creative line and to keep our customers happy and satisfied we have to be very updated with the latest trends not only in jewellery but also in clothing, being in Meerut where people are more attracted in going to Delhi for buying the latest, we had to really work quite hard to get the assortment always ready for our customers to choose from us and not to travel to Delhi for small things. We want to reduce their effort by making our efforts towards this side.

VTV India: What solutions or alternatives devised by you to meet those challenges mentioned by you? 

Gurpreet: We have our own unit for kundan and jadau jewellery which help us customize designs for our clients, and then we have tied our contacts with Bengali artisans, who can give the best finishing touch and designs to our customers. We are constantly trying our best to serve things close to real so that the destination wedding or travel needs in jewellery are met for all classes. We have artisans who are capable to twist the designs based upon customer needs with better customization. 

VTV India: What were the funds with which you started or initiated this venture?

Gurpreet: Fortune favours the brave and valour of a person and luckily my sister and I had good amount of savings with us. Therefore, we never found any issue in this context.

VTV India: Any external investment offered to you?

Gurpreet: We never thought about this and we never went anywhere to lend any sort of investment from any external support.

VTV India: What are the 3 must traits one need to grab success?

Gurpreet: I think there should be blend of 3 things which can give ultimate success to any one and that is Positivity, Hard work and timely delivery.

VTV India: Top 5 mobile applications you use personally?

Gurpreet: Umm, 

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Whatsapp
  4. YouTube
  5. PhotoEditor

(Laughs), I am not a nerd geek to use any technical photo editors like photoshop.

VTV India: Top Online tools / services / applications you use in your business process?

Gurpreet: I guess all the above things are some of the tools used for marketing and increasing the network to gain customers. Well you have to be aware about every movement of some renowned customers to make ourselves equipped.

VTV India: Any tips on increasing productivity?

Gurpreet: Manage things based upon upcoming events and festivals well in advance as that can help to have less pressure during season time and also serve clients better. Pre-planning thus is very important or I should say most important. In a nutshell, you have to enhance your 6th level to be a good predictor who can forecast near things quickly.

VTV India: Which habits rendered you to give high productivity?

Gurpreet: I don’t want to go through any sort of panic mode and therefore I keep raw materials as back-up in backyard (not seriously) to handle any emergency type of delivery.

VTV India: What changes you think you need to bring in your life?

Gurpreet: I need to be less short tempered as it can hamper and has hampered many businesses in the past.

VTV India: Any plans to diversify in other businesses? 

Gurpreet: Currently, I have no such plans but as per the demands if I seeI will like to tap the international trade but will like to see the governmental schemes regarding the import and export. My international trade will specifically ocus on clothing.

VTV India: Let’s go for some quick answers (one liner):

One success tip

Gurpreet: Hard Work

VTV India: – Biggest Mistake of Life

Gurpreet: Many, cannot speak on only one of them

VTV India: Greatest Learning of Business

Gurpreet: Best Quality and Service what Customers look for.

VTV India: One message to new startups or entrepreneurs.

Gurpreet: Be positive and work hard.

VTV India: Share a quote that inspires you the most.

Gurpreet: Only I can change my life, no-one can do it for me.

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