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Shaheer Sheikh ties the knot with Ruchikaa Kapoor in an intimate court marriage:

The most popular actor Shaheer Sheikh got married with his ladylove Ruchikaa Kapoor .

By Mridulata Sen

Shaheer Sheikh ties the knot with Ruchikaa Kapoor in an intimate court marriage:

Shaheer Sheikh the most popular actor of Indian Television has 'finally' tied the knot with Ruchikaa Kapoor in a court marriage.

The newlywed couple shared their happiness of being together and entering a new phase of life in a recent interview.

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Shaheer Sheikh has finally announced his marriage with Ruchikaa Kapoor. Yes, one of the most eligible bachelors has now exchanged wedding vows! The news of their marriage has become the 'biggest surprise' for everyone in the industry.

The couple settled for a court marriage keeping the COVID-19 pandemic situation in mind. However, they plan to have a traditional wedding ceremony in June next year.

Now the lovebirds are in their hometown Jammu after marriage. In Jammu, the newlyweds had a small ceremony with family. Not only this, but the duo also had an informal ceremony at Ruchikaa's residence in Mumbai.

In a recent interview, Shaheer and Ruchikaa opened up about their marriage and even shared their happiness about the new phase in their lives.

The couple made an adorable moment by sharing their love for each other.

Shaheer was in the interview was showed so much love for wife Ruchikaa that he showered her with immense praises and was not getting tired speaking about them!


"Ruchikaa is honest when it comes to her feelings. The best part about our relationship is that we are friends first". expressed Shaheer.


He further said that since the time he became an actor his work is to pretend in front of the cameras, but Ruchikaa is the one with whom he can be himself. He further added that he got 'best travel companion' and is super excited to go on trips with her.


On the other side Ruchikaa also spoke all her heart out for hubby Shaheer and stated that it was Shaheer 's simplicity that drew her towards him.


 'It is rare to find someone who keeps it real and believes in the goodness of people"- said Ruchikaa.


She even said that their bond is so strong that even after having cultural and backgrounds differences they chose to stay together.


'We come from different backgrounds, but instead of focusing on our differences, we chose to celebrate them. We may make little sense to the world, but we make a lot of sense to each other,' says Ruchikaa. 


To let you all know, the Duo met on the sets of the movie 'Judgementall Hai Kya' two years back. Shaheer and Ruchikaa were in a relationship for around one-and-a-half year, and now finally got married.


Fans have already stated to show their excitement for the couple’s wedding pictures. And we too can't wait to see the lovebirds wedding and travel photos together.


Wishing the couple a happily ever after married life!


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